Meet The Team: Morgan Mayer (she/her)

It is with great excitement that we finally got to sit down with our Director of Creative, Morgan Mayer. As an early member of the Alfred HomeQuarters team, she has earned her spot as the leader of our creative and brand team, telling Alfred’s story through the biggest and smallest of details, at every touchpoint nationwide. Through her experience creating impactful brand moments, she proves her out-of-the-box thinking, making her the fiercely knowledgeable, and always positive, teammate we are all so lucky to have.

What’s Your Coffee Order?

Hot Chai Latte with Almond Milk and Cinnamon.

What are your top 3 used apps?

Hello Alfred, Audible, Dark Sky

What’s Your Pump Up Song?

Ceiling Can’t Hold Us — Macklemore. A group of us drove from DC to North Carolina in college and memorized every word. Now it’s a very impressive acquired skill for karaoke night.

Where were you before Alfred?

I attended Elon University specifically for stage management and film production. The learning style there is extremely hands-on and I was able to gain so much experience just by doing. I’ve been very fortunate to keep my Elon connections as an alumni, stay in touch with my mentors, and even hire a few recent graduates. One of my favorite things about Alfred is the “Art-School” mentality amongst the creative team, and throughout the company as a whole. We aren’t afraid to try new things, fail fast, and know we are all striving towards a common goal.

In Los Angeles I got my first experience in the film industry. Once people know you’re keen to work, and can handle yourself, you start getting invited on set. I helped edit Keeping Up With The Kardashians, cast the MTV show Best Ink, and shoot a few commercials for Jaguar Cars. The best advice I can give to young creatives is to be eager. In the more senior levels, talent matters for sure. But when you’re early in your career, I want to see that you can fall a thousand times and not be afraid to get back up.

Coming home to the east coast in New York I joined the Edelman EXD Team (Experience Design) as their Creative Producer. Our small team was responsible for creating two things: interactive technology and immersive environments. This could take the form of a virtual reality experience via pedicab, a 40ft shipping container turned into an escape room, or a computer using the colors of your eye for a custom piece of artwork. I really loved my time at Edelman, and being part of an international PR company, where no project was too ambitious.

Coming to Alfred was a huge shift from Edelman, where I quickly realized I was the only fish in the pond. As one of the more tenured individuals at Alfred, it’s been fascinating to watch the company change every few months. Our mission stays the same, but how we accomplish those things, and our process to get there, is ever-evolving.

Now that you’re here, what are you most excited to make happen?

I end each of our creative meetings by asking “Is there anything else anyone is working on that we should be aware of?” And without fail someone always replies, “You mean besides changing the world?” I genuinely feel we’re all doing that at any given time. My first two years at Alfred felt like we were going uphill on a rollercoaster, and now I feel like we are at the top. You can see it, you can feel it, and you know that we are about to take off… so buckle up.

What makes you feel most at home at Alfred.

They say that when your passion and your talent meet — that’s your purpose. Originally I wanted to grow up to be a helicopter pilot for hospitals, because they are able to help people when no one else can. At Alfred, we help people every day, and as an Alfred user myself, I know first hand how life-changing it can be. I fundamentally believe in our vision, and I fundamentally believe we are going to change the world for the better.

Interested in becoming a part of our ‘One Team’? Click here to see our open roles.



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